Ranked points (RP) for ranks from “Iron” to “Ascendant”

Ranked Points (RP) is a visual representation of the progress of players from “Iron” to “Ascendant”. Immortal and Radiant ranked players also have an RP, but it works a little differently at those ranks – you can find out more here.

Placement games

With the start of a new episode, all players need to play 5 placement matches to get a rank. The highest possible rank based on placement results is “Ascendant 1”.

You need to play 1 placement match to obtain a rank in Acts 2 or 3. Your rank will not automatically reset at the beginning of each act, but it may drop if your placement match did not go well.


Once your placement matches are completed and your rank is determined, you will have 50 RPs. You need 100 RPs to increase your rank. Once you get 100 RPs, you will advance to the next rank and get at least 10 more RPs (just in case the first match in the new rank fails).

The rank will be lowered if you lose at 0 RP. In this case, you will go down one step and have 70 RPs. But no worries about that, because if you get deranked you always can buy valorant boost to get your rank back.

What affects the RP?

The biggest influence on RP is wins and losses. But other factors are also important. Number of wins, skill, and initiative in matches can affect the RP. This is an individual rating, so we take your level of play into account without taking into account the skill of your allies.

The amount of RP you gain or lose depends on how much your rank matches your MMR (Matchmaking Rating). MMR is like a long ladder that you climb with other players. You cannot have more than one player with the same MMR on the same rank. A quick note:

If your MMR is higher than your rank, you will receive more RP for winning than you will lose for losing.

If your MMR is equal to your rank, you will gain and lose about the same amount of RP.

If your MMR is lower than your rank, you will lose more RPs for a loss than you get for a win.

To increase your MMR, you must play better than others and win more often than you lose!

Important: Because of AFKs or dodging a match in a ranked game over a long period of time, your MMR will also change… for the worse. It is not worth risking your RP. If you start looking for a match, don’t leave the game.