Do people still buy Boosting in Apex legends?

Things get out of sight and out of mind quickly. Something is trending today and the next day something else will. Getting a trendy good feel good as long as everybody else is talking about it or using it. Like when cd’s were the trendy thing and everybody was talking about them or using them but slowly and surely, they got out of trend and after that, they got out of business. Now because Generation Z lives in the era of the internet things go in on trend and out of trend daily. Something that goes on for a few hours gathers a few million views and the other video takes it down by gathering the attention of the audience. It is a never-ending cycle of things going in and out of trend.

The same story can be said for our gaming world.

 A few days earlier a game called “The Day Before” was trending and almost everybody wanted to play that game but now the game studios announced their dissolution. In the world of ever-presenting competitive shooters, there’s a thing or service called boosting which was very popular in the early days covid era. Everybody was trying this service and was benefiting from it. But unlike other things the boosting didn’t go out of trend or out of sight, it just kept getting bigger and better with every passing year. So, in today’s blog, I will try to answer, “Do people still buy boosting”. In particular, we will talk about an esports giant Apex Legends, and its boosting sector. So, stick around until we find out.

What is boosting:

So before getting into the main course of the blog, I should give you some information about what is boosting. So essentially it is a service where you pay a professional gamer to play on your account to boost up your rank or get you the rare apex badges in exchange for money. Boosting in Apex Legends doesn’t necessarily mean cheating and respawn doesn’t have a really big issue with you letting someone else borrow your account especially if they are legit players.

Reasons for people to buy boosting In Apex:

Boosting is a lucrative service without a shadow of a doubt. On one hand, players get their favorite rank while spending a few bucks on it. There are several reasons why people still buy boosting. I will list down a few of them and you can follow along.

The time constraint:

Ranking in any game is a time-consuming task. Firstly, you have to be good at the game then you have to play it a lot to get a specific rank. After ranking up you need to play more and more with better stats to get a better rank and all of this is time-consuming. Surely some people are good at the game, but they don’t have enough time for them to accomplish these things.

Lack of skill:

The second reason why people buy boosting is the sheer lack of skill they have.

Apex Legends is a really hard game for beginners even more difficult for players who are new to the fps genre and getting.

good at shooting head is a lengthy skill to pick up. So, a lot of players who are trying their hardest just can’t rank because of their skill ceiling.

The Guaranteed way:

When buying a boosting service, you get a guarantee of ranking up. It is the easiest way to rank up, which is also a reason why people buy boosting. In boosting you just have to pay a sum at one time, and you can get any rank you want because Apex doesn’t do much in regard to who is playing at whom’s account this stuff makes boosting a safer option.

How to find good boosters:

Finding a good booster is not a complicated task if you are going to buy your boosting service from a legitimate boosting company because all of them hire pro Apex boosters for jobs. It can create problems for you if you want to get your boosting from an individual booster and I would advise you against it. but if you want to then you should always try to hire a booster who has experience and a good reputation because sometimes these boosters steal your account, and they sell them to other players for profit.

Do people still buy boosting and should you?

So I’ll give answers to these two questions one by one. So, by going with the number of orders that boosting companies have delivered in this year alone. It is safe to assume that there are still a lot of players who buy and use the boosting service in 2023. There’s a dip in orders from the previous years but that’s about it. There are still a lot of people who want to get boosted and there are also a lot of people who wanna sell their boosting service.

There are tons of people who are willing to fulfill their demands.

The answer to the second question is “it depends”. Let me make it clear for you if you want to get boosted or not is a personal choice and I can’t force you to buy it nor can I force you to not buy it. It is your decision as an individual. If you want me to make it easy for you then here are some pros and cons that you can take a look at before deciding on either outcome.


  • fastest and the easiest way to rank up.
  • the best way to climb out of a hard stuck rank.
  • guaranteed a way to rank up.


  • you can lose your rank if you don’t put effort into the game yourself.
  • can be expensive if you want a substantial boost in rank.